Music | WidekWIDEK is a one man project from Gdańsk, Poland that has been recording and releasing music since 2010. The project features Maciej DAWIDEK who does the whole recording, mixing and mastering process by himself in his own studio Widek Records. Maciej makes instrumental melodic metal varying styles featuring an experimental mix of atmospheric music mixed with progressive metal. WIDEK has so far released four albums: “2010 Songs” (2011), “Multiverse” (2011), “Aurora Borealis” (2012) and “Outside The Universe” (2014). See for more.

The Space Between Us

Parallax (feat.Owane)

Enter Through The Sun (feat. Gru)

Earthshine (Feat. Plini)

ION guitar cover

Satellite (feat. Owane & Paul Wardingham)

Skybridges (feat. Stel Andre)

Saturn (feat. Sithu Aye)

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