The Voodoo Child

The Voodoo Child | SpotifyFrom 2021, the band set a new goal, to play in a more rockish style, with blues influences. In parallel, the members changed over time because of personal reasons and we thank each and everyone for their immense work put for the band. The actual band – members are: Andrei Cerbu (Leader & Guitar player), Robert Ciubotaru (Bass Player), Romina Apostol aka Rockmina (Singer) and Teodor Cusnir (Drummer). It all started in 2018 when, the guitar player, and Alexandra, the lead singer, first met. Alexandra was singing on YouTube, and Andrei saw great potential in her. He was not wrong, since both of them loved Beth Hart and Joe Bonamassa so much. Little did they know they would lay the foundation of a very promising young band. After a few covers and some thoughtful research, they managed to gather ever. See for more.

Lost Train

Another Day

Summer Rain

Fall In Tears

Stay With Me

Funky Girl

That’s Rock ‘N’ Roll

Dance, Dance, Dance

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