Joost Vergoossen

Köln: Kultband "Höhner" schmeißen Gitarristen raus – wegen Streit um CoronaAfter two years of piano lessons, Joost Vergoossen decides to make the switch to guitar at the age of 13. On acoustic guitar lessons He does not reveal the things he wants to learn. He stops, buys an electric guitar and influenced by guitarists like Gary Moore, Ritchie Blackmoore, Randy Rhoads and Eddie van Halen, Joost is working to develop in this form of guitar play. That is not just hours behind the parties of these heroes trying to decipher, but then a lot of practicing to be able to play the licks. From its 15th, Joost begins to perform with local and regional bands.  See for more.

Blue Line and Breakimg the Cycle Live

live in Sneek 2015

Comfortably Numb

Guitar solo, symfo classics mezz breda 2016

We will Rock you solo

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