The Edgar Broughton Band

The Edgar Broughton Band on TIDALThe Edgar Broughton Band were a British rock band founded in Warwick in 1968, and in their initial form were operative through to 1976. They were a trio consisting of brothers Edgar (vocals and guitar) and Steve Broughton (drums) with Arthur Grant (bass), which was augmented at various times by a second guitarist and/or keyboardist, significantly Victor Unitt. They released five studio albums, including Sing Brother Sing (UK Albums Chart #18), and six singles, including “Out Demons Out” (UK Singles Chart #39), on the EMI Harvest label and one further studio album for NEMS. The group reformed from 1978 to 1982, initially renamed as The Broughtons, issuing two more studio albums, and again from 2006 to 2010 with Edgar’s son Luke for live appearances only. See for more.

There’s No Vibrations, but Wait!

Silver Needle

Thinking Of You

Hotel Room (1971)

It’s Not You


House of Turnabout

Freak Out Wasa Wasa

Wasa Wasa 1969 Full Album

Same 1971 Full Album

It’s Not You 1972 Full Album

Bandages 1976 full album

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