Blacksmith Tales

Blacksmith Tales - Home | FacebookThe Blacksmith Tales is an Italian septet. This musical project started in the Nineties when multi-instrumentalist David Del Fabro (backing vocals, piano, keyboards and duduk) in fact wrote all the material on piano. The story and the music on The Dark Presence are inspired by symbols and images from ancient history. From the very first moment I am delighted by their blend of Old School symphonic rock, prog metal and folk.
The 13 tracks alternate between mellow, up-tempo beats and sumptuous eruptions (creating lots of tension and dynamics), embellished with outstanding work on vintage keyboards, harder-edged guitar play, and fuelled by an often thunderous rhythm-section. See for more.

Let Me Die

The Dark Presence


Into the Sea (Apocatastasis)

The Dark Presence Revelation

Rain…of Course!

Possessed by Time

Last hero’s Crusade

A New Sunrise

Chapter LXIV

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