Raven Sad

Music | Raven SadRAVEN SAD is a project instigated by Italian Samuel Santanna in 2005. The artistic goal is to create emotionally challenging music by blending elements from folk, neo and psychedelic mixed with electronic textures and ambient passages. So far this has resulted in three albums, “Quoth” (2008), and “We Are Not Alone” (2009), and “Layers of Stratosphere” (2011), all issued by Italian label Lizard Records. With the latest album Raven Sad has morphed from a one-man (with friends) vehicle to a proper four-piece band. See for more.

Infinite Lactean Seashore

The leaf and the wing

First layer

Second Layer

The Highest Cliff

Ride the tempest

Mind Flies

Door Almost Closed

Absolution trial

Beyond the Darkest Hour (2020) Full Album

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