Niagara - discography, line-up, biography, interviews, photosMunich supergroup project fronted by Klaus Weiss. Klaus had become fascinated with the possibility of creating a drum orchestra out of the wealth of Munich rock and jazz drummers, and thus Niagara was born featuring percussionists from all backgrounds. Members: Ack Van Rooyen, Charles Campbell, Cotch Blackmon, Daniel Fichelscher, Dave  King, Ferdinand Povel, Gary Unwin, Joe Harris (3), José Martos, Juan Romero, Keith Forsey, Klaus Weiss, Kristian Schultze, Norman Tolbert, Paul Vincent, Sabu Rex, Udo Lindenberg. See for more.


Niagara – “Niagara” (1971) Full album

Niagara S U B 1972 germany

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