Once Upon a Time In My Mind Project

13 Epic Facts About 'Once Upon a Time in America' | Mental FlossOnce Upon a Time in My Mind Project is a small indie 2.0 MUSIC & ANIMATION PROJECT from Montreal. This channel was created to experiment musically and visually. Members: Pat fortin (Voice/ Keyboard) + (illustrations/animation) Ben Hedgewater (Guitar/ bass). Also some collaborations with : Stephane C. fortin (drums) / Rick Fall (Voice) / Jocelyn Gagnon (Guitar/Bass) Genre: “PROGRESSIVE ACID POP” Mix of : Electro Rock / Metal / Pop / Classical music and some blues If you like our creation, See for more.

The Wolf and the Crow

The Translater

The Crypt

More Than We Can See

The Awakening

A Part of Myself

Al I Can

The Last Mind Soldier

Multiple Ways

The Blue Light