Dracula, Mike Oldfield and Moogs: Magenta visit the dark side on Masters Of Illusion | LouderMagenta are a Welsh progressive rock band formed in 1999 by ex-Cyan member Rob Reed. Reed takes his influences from artists such as Renaissance, Genesis, Mike Oldfield, Yes, Eurythmics and Björk. Although heavily influenced by progressive rock, Reed is a professional songwriter and has done many other projects for both film and television. The most successful of these projects was called Trippa, featuring Christina Booth on vocals and Rob Reed on guitars and keyboards. Reed asked Christina to be lead vocalist for a progressive rock project he had in mind, and the initial ideas for Magenta were born. Booth previously was guest on a number of Cyan albums providing backing vocals. In late 1999, Reed started writing for what would become Magenta’s debut release, Revolutions. Reed wanted to do something new, bigger and more conceptual. “Current prog bands are always scared and shy about admitting the influences of the great bands of the 70’s, and I wanted to come clean and admit and celebrate those influences, and hopefully create something as worthwhile as those classic bands” said Reed. See for more.

The Lizard King

Reaching For The Moon

Gift from God


Lucky Man

Too Many Voices


we are seven

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