Hidria Spacefolk

Hidria Spacefolk in Moscow at InProg 2005Hidria Spacefolk is a Finnish folk-influenced progressive / psychedelic rock / space rock band. The group’s sound is often compared to Kingston Wall and Ozric Tentacles. The band describes their musical style as Astro-Beat. They use many different instruments such as the cello, violin, flute, didgeridoo, marimba, mandolin, sitar and vibraphone. Hidria Spacefolk’s first album was the independently released EP HDRSF-1 in 2001. Their debut full-length, Symbiosis, was released a year later through Silence, a subsidiary label of Wolfgang Records. The band’s second full-length album, Balansia, was released in 2004 and included Andy McCoy of Hanoi Rocks as a guest musician. See for more.




Kaneh Bosm

Ad Astra

Sindran Rastafan

Futur Ixiom


Amos Ame

Pangaia Pt. 1

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