A Filetta

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor a filettaA Filetta is a Corsican singing group, founded in 1978 in the Haute-Corse by Michele Frassati. The name “A Filetta” refers to the Corsican expression for someone who has gone to the continent and is so frightened that he no longer remembers his origin: “s’hè scurdatu di a filetta”. A filetta, the fern Woodwardia radicans, which covers large parts of the island and especially the species that is so strongly rooted that it is almost impossible to move it undamaged, is considered one of the symbols of the Corsican identity. See for more.


Eo sai

À Sergiu

Terra Brusgiata

E puru simu qui

L’altru mondu

U lamentu di Maria

A Paghjella di l’impiccati

U Sipolcru


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