BBI Yerli #114 | Panøpsis | Bir Baba IndiePanøpsis is an Istanbul-based instrumental post-rock band. Before the band formed in 2018, Sezgin Celik (guitar & keyboard), Huseyin Iflazoglu (guitar) and Umut Sah (bass guitar) has been creating music together in various projects since 2011. By giving the lead role to guitar and keyboard melodies which are enriched with electronica elements, they intend to create an atmospheric music. After Ethem Saran (drums) has joined, the band took its current shape. Debut EP of the band, More-Than-Human-World, was released on March 16, 2019. In the same year they have released two new singles; “Solitude of the Forest” (July 30, 2019) and “Becoming-River” (December 15, 2019). See for more.

Recurved in Every Way


Solitude of the Forest

Yearn for the Day

Memories of an Alga

Mushroom Is My Comrade

More​-​Than​-​Human​-​World [Full EP]

Snails After Rain

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