Amália Rodrigues - Songteksten van Amalia RodriguesAmália da Piedade Rebordão Rodrigues GCSE, GCIH (23 July 1920 – 6 October 1999), better known as Amália Rodrigues (Portuguese pronunciation: [ɐˈmaliɐ ʁuˈðɾiɣɨʃ]) or popularly as Amália, was a Portuguese fadista (fado singer). She was known as the ‘Rainha do Fado’ (“Queen of Fado”) and was instrumental in popularising fado worldwide and travelled internationally throughout her career. Amália remains the best-selling Portuguese artist in history.] She advocated the restoration of the monarchy in Portugal. She was a devout Catholic, which was reflected in her music. Even though official documents give her date of birth as 23 July, Amália herself maintained that her birthday was actually 1 July 1920. The baptism certificate of Rodrigues is in the Parish Church of Fundão, and the document was published in the Journal of Fundão after the singer’s death, following its discovery in an investigation by Salvado J. Travassos. See for more.

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malhão malhão

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