MOONRISE band / artist (Poland) - discography, reviews and detailsFounded in Klucze, Poland in 2008. MOONRISE is a project band based in Poland, with multi-instrumentalist Kamil KONIECZNIKA as the one and only regular member. Enlisting the aid of vocalist Lukasz Gall (from Polish band MILLENIUM), debut album “The Lights of a Distant Bay” was recorded in 2007 and released in 2008. The style of MOONRISE is a blend of influences from bands like Genesis, Marillion and IQ with melodic AOR, producing atmospheric Neo Progressive rock that flows gently from start to end but in some tracks Lukasz also presents us a harder edge with some almost metalic touches, don’t expect radical changes but the excellent guitar work and lush keyboards make of their debut album an interesting experience. See for more.


Little Stone

Calling Your Number

Like An Arrow

Soul´s Inner Pendulum

Night Sky 2009

Let It Flow

Mizerna Cicha

The Island

Help Me I Can’t Help Myself

The Greatest Miracle

Guardian Angel

The Lights Of A Distant Bay

Unravel Your Soul

Awakened 2009

Angels’ Hidden Plan 2009

Empty Lines


Travel Within. 2019. Full Album

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