Beatie Wolfe

Beatie Wolfe Performs Photo by Diane Webb-4446 – the WiMN | The ...Beatie Wolfe is an award-winning, pioneering singer-songwriter known for “seeing music differently” and creating new tangible formats for albums in the digital era. These musical innovations, which include a Space Broadcast via the Holmdel Horn Antenna and the world’s first live 360 AR stream], have gained Wolfe critical acclaim with the Victoria and Albert Museum inviting Wolfe to exhibit her ‘world first’ album designs in a solo exhibition; the Barbican Centre commissioning a documentary on Wolfe’s work; Wired (magazine) featuring Wolfe as one of 22 changing the world and UN Women selecting Wolfe as one of nine innovators for a global campaign for International Women’s Day. See for more.

Gimme Some Love

Little Moth

Take Me Home

As You


Simply Friends

Pure Being

Set Her Free

Barely Living

The Man Who

Back on Track

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