Space Debris

SPACE DEBRIS PROJEKT BAND INFO KrautrockSpace Debris is a band from southern Germany that produces instrumental music in the tradition of herb , psychedelic and hard rock from the early 1970s. The band combines stylistic devices from Krautrock ( Can , Birth Control , Amon Düül etc.) and early British psychedelic rock ( Pink Floyd , Deep Purple , Brian Auger , Jimi Hendrix etc.) to create their own homogeneous music. For this reason, Space Debris was described by the music press (Moonhead magazine March / 2005) as the missing link between these two poles of music history. The band uses the concept of spontaneous compositions, which the Krautband Can has largely promotedby creating a compositional framework that is melodious and rhythmic from free play without agreement. See for more.

Medicine Men

Journey to the Starglow Restaurant

Freeflight Ufo

La Mano De Dios

Into The Sun


Trip Vitesse (Sans Alcool)

Black Viking (Part 1)

Black Viking (Part 2)

Hypnotic Jerks

Kraut Lok 2005 Full Album

Back To Universe – Archive Vol. 4 2011 Full Album

Journey To The Starglow Restaurant 2011 Full Album

She´s A Temple 2012 Full Album

Phonomorphosis 2014 Full Album

Behind the Gate 2017 Full Album)

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