Dead and Heroes

Some bands are formed together through newspaper ads, others are the net result of a prolonged booze session at the local pub, yet the DEAD END HEROES were formed by accident. A good accident!
Whilst the initial discussions began around a solo album of Swiss drummer Daniel Voegeli
(ME & THE REST), the project grew arms and legs and developed into an immense passion – a completely fully operational band that excelled at having fun sharing their common love of Hard Rock.
 After Voegeli had assembled his collection of instrumental songs he contacted exceptional Guitarist and Producer Rolf Munkes
(EMPIRE, TONY MARTIN, MAJESTY) to oversee the discs production. However, Munkes was so impressed by Voegeli’s drumming and initial song ideas that he encouraged him to develop a fully functioning band around the tunes and work towards completing an album.
The first port of call was German vocalist and session musician Carsten Lizard Schulz (EVIDENCE ONE, DOMAIN, LAVALLE) who took Voegeli’s instrumentals under his wing and gave them new life. Through his engaging lyrics and ear candy hooks they developed into real songs with Schulz’s trademark stamp alongside Voegeli’s bedrock base.
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