No Clear Mind

No Clear Mind - Dream is Destiny, ένας εξαιρετικός δίσκος -  Νέα, ενημέρωση & ειδήσεις στην τεχνολογίαNo Clear Mind is a Greek music trio that formed in 2006 in Chania, Greece by multi-instrumentalists Vasilis Dokakis, Lefteris Volanis and Kostas Rovlias. No Clear Mind have released three studio albums, Dream is Destiny in 2012, Mets in 2013, and Makena in 2016. The band played its debut shows in Greece and Italy in 2008 and are usually joined by a number of fellow musicians for their gigs. They have toured in Europe, played a number of festivals and opened for popular artists such as Ulrich Schnauss and A Whisper in the Noise. Their music received enthusiastic reviews and coverage,[while The XX have previously featured them in one of their music blog post series in 2010. See for more.


When You’re Not Here

Fall Down Rise Up

Silence We Create

In June

Morning Rain In June

Alone and together

Saint John

Alone and Together

A new sun

Dream is destiny

Silence We Create

Starless Nigh

Big Thing

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