Siiilk | Discography | DiscogsFounded in Lyon, France in 2010. SIIILK was born from the creative meeting of five musicians from the French city of Lyon: Gilbert GANDIL and Jacques ROMAN, from the band PULSAR, Richard PICK, Guillaume ANTONICELLI and Attilio TERLIZZI. Jacques ROMAN and Gilbert GANDIL were co-founders of Pulsar, who released their debut album back in 1975 with their most recent coming out in 2007. Jacques was also the composer for all performances of Wladyslaw ZNORKO between 1989 and 1990. Richard PICK has been involved in several albums such as ‘DIPHONIA’ (1994) with Philip BARRAQUÉ and ‘TANPURA TRIBUTE’ (2004) with Thomas CLEMENTS and more recently with the band DÉJÀ VU. See for more.

Drifting words

Childhood’s Memories

Black old train

Inner war


Childhood’s memories



Way to Lhassa

Green Boy

Wladyslaw’s Marching Band

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