Juna Serita

Juna Serita - This is how we make love 💋 🎸 Photo by AMAZONICA | FacebookBorn and raised in a countryside of  northern Japan. Started writing own music at 11. At 17 started playing the bass guitar , and started bass/vocal solo project. Received Grand Prize at the 2011 OSM(Osaka School of Music) High School Music Camp. Grand Prize at the 2012 Northern Japan Indies Battle, as a reward, live performances were aired on TV for a year. Juna was  invited to Korea for an biggest  Music Fest and performed at the main stage for 3 days ,  appeared on Korean TV. After graduating high school, moved to Tokyo receiving a full scholarship to Showa University of Music. Studied under  Tetsuo Sakurai (ex CASIOPEA. Well knows as Japanese top fusion band. See for more.

The Princess of Funk

The Tiny Voice

Hey Boy!

Lovin’ Music


Juna Serita Bass Solo (performance with Rie a.k.a. Suzaku)

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