GamalonAt first glance, Gammalon is a bit of a mystery.  They hail from the US, and their website lists the album credits as: Peter Shen on guitars and keys, Elena on bass and keys, and Gregor Elligsohn on drums, percussion, and sound effects.  However, with some digging, you will discover that “they” is really just a “he”, that being Chris Scholtes, guitarist for the Several Species Pink Floyd Experience. It turns out, also, that he actually plays all of the various instruments on this album. With some searching, I was able to find some pictures of him performing. See for mere.

Postcards from a New Day


The Power of the Ripple Effect

Crossing into the Half Light

A Glance from Elena

Jade Dragon, Pt. III, IV & V

Winter of Jonathan

Summer of Ana Luisa

Into the Abyss

Heading West

Arturo Firehammer’s Decent into Madness

Pearls in the Twilight (for Amy)

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