Review] Apairys - Vers la lumiereApairys is a band from France who rose from the ashes of Maldoror and Saens to self-release their debut album in 2019, called “Vers La Lumière”. When Maldoror split up in 2014 during the writing sessions for the second album, drummer/keyboardist Silvain Goillot decided to take the recordings he had already made and advertise for other musicians to join him. His ad was answered by Benoît Campedel, the guitarist from Saens, who had disbanded in 2004. They collaborated on the material and then recruited Christophe Bellières, the vocalist from Maldoror–and so Apairys was born. All three members play multiple instruments and add their unique contributions to the band. The music on the debut could be described as heavy symphonic, closer to the Maldoror style than that of Saens, but really creating its own path. See for more.


Vers la lumière

La machine

Lost In Focus (Full Album)

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