Mike Stuart Span (Leviathan)

The Mike Stuart Span was a British 1960s pop band consisting of Stuart Hobday (lead vocals), Brian Bennett (lead guitar, vocals), Roger McCabe (bass guitar, vocals), and Gary Murphy (drums). Their critical reputation is based almost exclusively on the merits of a handful of rare or unreleased recordings. In 1969 they briefly changed their name to Leviathan, before splitting up. The Mike Stuart Span evolved out of a Brighton-based group called the Mighty Atoms,[ which included vocalist Stuart Hobday and bassist Roger McCabe. By 1965, Hobday’s early attempts at songwriting had secured a publishing contract with Lorna Music, and the Mike Stuart Span – a name created by reversing the singer’s Christian names[2] – was formed. See for more.

Flames 1969


Belgium TV

Children of Tomorrow

Still Nights

World In My Head

Second Production

Come On Over to Our Place

Concerto of thoughts


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