Mantra vega

Here Comes The Flood - a weblog about music: Mantra Vega: IslandMantra Vega is a new transatlantic progressive rock band from Heather Findlay and Dave Kerzner (founding members of the bands Mostly Autumn and Sound of Contact respectively) along with Chris Johnson (Halo Blind/Mostly Autumn), Stu Fletcher (We Could Be Astronauts), Alex Cromarty (Mostly Autumn) and featuring legendary guitarist David Kilminster (Roger Waters/Steven Wilson). Melding together their wide range of styles and influences in Progressive, Classic and Alternative Rock, Mantra Vega offers a fresh blend of female and male lead vocals and harmonies which deliver many a poignant message dressed in atmospheric soundscapes, emotional dynamics and captivating moods. See for more.


In a Dream

Veil of Ghosts


Lake Sunday

Mountain Spring

The Illusion’s Reckoning

I’ve Seen Your Star

Lake Sunday

Every Corner

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