Nordic Giants

Nordic Giants + ALMA, Wed 18th Nov - Brighton SourceFor Nordic Giants the performance is the thing, and as those who have seen the live show will attest, it is a visceral experience that goes beyond the normal descriptors. Each mind-blowing performance involves a selection of hand picked short films, which are soundtracked live with atmospheric soundscapes. Two mythical creatures create an experience with bowed guitar, piano that is both haunting and rousing, topped with climactic and thunderous drums and trumpet. Nordic Giants have spent the last decade bringing their own formula of claustrophobic cinema clatter to a selection of unusual locations across the country; from disused Victorian music halls to converted seaside bandstands. See for more.

Little Bird/Dismantle Suns

Between Two Worlds Ft. Freyja/Build Seas

A Thousand Lost Dreams

Shine Ft. Cate Ferris

The Last Breath (Through A Lens Darkly)

Rapture Ft. Beth Cannon

Together Live at ArcTangent

The Seed Live at Arctangent

Immortal Elements

Taxonomy Of Illusions

A Dream In Static (Full Album)

A Séance of Dark Delusions (Full Album)

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