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Dear visitor,
All the music videos are linked with YouTube. It will certainly prevent songs from YouTube. In addition, all the information about the artist or band, picked up at Wikipedia, Google or the internet site of the artist. The photos I’ve put in the pages come from Google. Should any rights to be, let me know then I get the picture off it. It’s not mentioned on the site of Google. Everything is also to hear in a different way, to see or read. Given the site is going to be more and more comprehensive, it is not easy to keep the tracks. If you come across a video that there is picked up, please report it by me, then I can take steps. Sometimes you can from another link the number again on the site. On this site is it not possible to download any songs or videos, related to rights. It is my intention to promote good artist and I have no commercial interest.

Best regards,

Rob Dikkers