CICCADA Discography | DiscogsFormed in Athens, Greece in 2005. Current line-up consists of Evangelia Kozoni (vocal duties and keys), Nicolas Nikolopoulos (various flutes and keyboards), Giorgos Mouchos (guitars) -this trio is a core of the band, other members are Omiros Komninos (bass), Christos Zeleidis (drums) and Panagiotis Gianakkakis (piano). The music of CICCADA is heavily rooted in folk music; it’s complex, compelling, borowing influneces from many other spheres of progressive rock or more. If you’re intrigued by fusing the most complex moments of GRYPHON and GENTLE GIANT, this band is highly recommended. They released their debut ‘A Child In The Mirror’ for Fading Records, which is a subdivision of Italian label AltrOck Productions, in June 2010. See for more.


A Child in the Mirror

A Garden Of Delights

A child in the mirror




Around the Fire

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