Frijid Pink

Frijid Pink | Interview | Drummer Rick Stevers - It's Psychedelic Baby MagazineFrijid Pink is an American rock band, formed in Detroit in 1967, best known for their 1969 rendition of “House of the Rising Sun”. The initial line-up of the band included drummer Richard Stevers, guitarist Gary Ray Thompson, bassist Tom Harris, lead singer Tom Beaudry (aka Kelly Green), and later added Larry Zelanka as off-staff keyboardist. On their album, All Pink Inside, the line-up was Craig Webb, guitar, Larry Popolizio, bass, Rick Stevers, drums, and Jo Baker harp/vocal, with the addition of Rockin’ Reggie Vincent, vocals, and David Ahlers, piano. Over 35 years would pass before the next album would be released. Frijid Pink formed when local Detroit-area cover band the Detroit Vibrations, which featured Stevers and Harris, were joined by guitarist Gary Ray Thompson and singer Tom Beaudry, who later took the stage name Kelly Green. See for more.

House of the Rising Sun

God gave me you

Sing A Song For Freedom

Drivin’ Blues

Crying Shame

Bye Bye Blues

I Want to Be Your Lover

End of the Line

Frijid Pink 1970 full album

Defrosted 1970 Full Album

All Pink Inside 1974 Full Album

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