Mick Ronson

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor mick ronsonMichael “Mick” Ronson (26 May 1946 – 29 April 1993) was an English guitarist, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, arranger and producer. He is best known for his work with David Bowie, as one of The Spiders from Mars. Ronson was a busy session musician who recorded with artists as diverse as Bowie and Morrissey, as well as engagements as a sideman in touring bands with performers such as Van Morrison. He also recorded several solo albums, the most notable example of which was Slaughter on 10th Avenue, which reached #9 on the UK Albums Chart. Ronson played with various bands after his time with Bowie. He was named the 64th greatest guitarist of all time by Rolling Stone in 2003 and 41st in 2012 by Rolling Stone on a different top 100 guitarist issue. See for more.

Ian Hunter/Mick Ronson Live-All the Young Dudes

& Ian Hunter Width of a circle

Sweet Dreams-live!

The Mick Ronson Band 1975-76 Woodstock, N.Y.

Mick Ronson Classic Rock Awards 2007

Like A Rolling Stone (David Bowie vocal)

Someday’. David Bowie, Mick Ronson

Pleasure Man/Hey Ma Get Papa

Music is lethal

& DAVID BOWIE-Hang on to yourself

David Bowie, Mick Ronson &Amp; Queen – Heroes

David Bowie + Mick Ronson ‘ Space Oddity ‘ From ‘The 1980 Floor Show’

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