Meer Discography | DiscogsNinety minutes’ drive north of Oslo and on the shore of Lake Mjøsa lies the town of Hamar, where six of Meer’s eight members attended the same high school. Seldom does a band make as much positive progress between its first and second albums as Meer. Five years ago their eponymous debut showed promise but made barely a ripple, leaving guitarist Eivind Strømstad downhearted. “We got some positive feedback, but the album was dead on arrival really,” he now admits. Nevertheless Meer persevered, spending four years making follow-up Playing House and retaining all their members. Remarkably, since evolving from Ted Glen Extended, which was founded by Strømstad and vocalist Johanne Kippersund Nesdal in 2008, Meer’s line-up has remained unchanged since 2012. See for more.


Here I Go Again

Picking up the pieces

You Were a Drum

Where Do We Go From Here?

Across the Ocean


Lay it Down

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