Afbeeldingsresultaat voor suntears bandThe band name SUNTEARS sounds a bit contradictory at first.  But it was precisely this tension between the words ‘sun’ and ‘tears’ that immediately appealed to brothers Andy and Marcus Fechner. Now, of course, one may ask one’s question what the combination of words actually means. “The sun stands for warmth, light or short: life. The tears are not necessarily tears of pain, but rather tears of joy or emotion. With our music, we want to capture the moments of life for which it is worth living.”  This is how the songs sound: warm, lively and melodious. Mostly interspersed with a fine melancholy that completes the sound world of SUNTEARS. See for more.


Your Brightest Colours


A Dream Is Still A Dream

Your Story

Will You Be Strong

The Worst Is Over

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