Janos Varga Project

Varga János Project | Rockbook.huFormer guitarist and star in the popular and early-strong Hungarian prog-rock band EAST, János Varga has extended his career to solo scales, through projects, collaborations and adventurous guest entries, all which should, mostly, be familiar to fans of his music and stature, plus worthwhile to discover for any rock collector. JÁNOS VARGA PROJECT certainly tops all his other projects and performances outside EAST, sounding fresh & modern, and casting automatically, of course, a main credit and a bright light on him. It’s impossible not to relate János Varga with his old, “neo-classic” and steady-coursed band (but it’s wise, instead, not to think of great similarities in the music), especially when the big praises given to them (at least in Hungary) easily reflect and help jump to the conclusion that Varga is a high-promotable and mature guitarist. See for more.

India / Gastroblues Fest, Paks

Hope / Gastroblues Fest, Paks

See Me / Gastroblues Fest, Paks


East West Express / Gastroblues Fest, Paks

All I Can Give

Diamond Bird / Gastroblues Fest, Paks

Respect for the Master / Gastroblues Fest, Paks

I Must Be Going

Eldorado / Gastroblues Fest, Paks

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