The Last Sighs Of The Wind

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor The Last Sighs Of The WindBand from Mogilev, Belarus. They started as: “The Last Sigh Of The Wind” – changed their name 2013 to “The Last Sighs Of The Wind. the mind and body. After it all, we all have our ways to wind down and move on whether it be preparing an easy to make a meal in the microwave, reading a book, or hearing a new piece of music. For me, it’s obviously the latter, and today I truly needing something special so I went to a place I was almost certain to find something to help me out: the instrumental rock section of Bandcamp. And holy fuck did I find something! Coming in the form of the band’s first album, “We Are Trees” is truly something else in more than one way. See for more.

Bird’s Song

The Return of Thunder


Your Wave Caresses Me


The Frozen Moment


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