Archangelica | Discography | DiscogsPolish band ARCHANGELICA was formed by Darek Ojdana in 2004. The initial recording line-up of the band, consisting of Odjana, Jasiek Kaliszewski, Maciej Engel, Iwona Smolińska and Marian, released a first initial self-titled demo in 2007. Two years later “Where Are You Now” appeared. This second demo featured contributions by Mariusz Zelazko and Pawel Penksa. For the next few years several line-up alterations occured, and when their debut album “Like a Drug” was released in 2013 it was with a line-up consisting of Maciej Engel, Piotr Brzezicki, Krzysiek Salapa, Arek Gawdzik and Jakub Kolada. See for more.

Night Passage

Let Me Stay With The Trees

Sirens on White Shore

When All Is Gone

Into Unknown

A Trip to Mars

Tomorrow Starts Today / Valley Behind the Door

Like A Drug

Midnight Train

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