Circles End

Circles End pictureNorwegian band CIRCLES END was first formed in 1994 under the name Venture. Later, the band’s name was changed to Plethora when they played their first gig in 1996. The definitive change of the name to CIRCLES END happened a few months afterwards, when the band started writing new material in the hope of recording a CD. With the help of a guest keyboardist, inthe summer of ’98 the band booked a local studio and recorded five of their own songs, which became their first, self-titled EP, released in August ’98. After recording a demo tape in 1999, the band – with a new singer and a new bassist on board, and help from a different guest keyboardist – started writing an album’s worth of new material. Their first album, “In Dialogue with the Moon”, was released independently at the beginning of 2001, to remarkable critical acclaim on the prog rock scene.See for more.

Hang On To That Kite


Too Few Feet

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