Afbeeldingsresultaat voor AlquinMICHEL VAN DIJK - Klaassen en van DijkAlquin (pronounced: elkhwin)  is a Dutch pop group from Delft, who enjoyed progressive rock in the 1970s. At the beginning of the 21st century, the band decided to  comeback  and new material was released. The occupation has remained virtually unchanged. Alquin was founded in 1971 as a student band. All members of the band (on bassist Hein Mars na) studied in the early days at the then TH Delft, and the group rehearzed in KSS Alcuin, the Society of the Student Association KSV Sanctus Virgilius in the former Sint-Barbara monastery.  See for more.

New Guinea Sunrise

Wheelchair Groupie

The dance

I Wish I Could

Soft Eyed Woman

Mr Barnum’s Junior’s Magnificient And Fabulous City

Fool in the mirror

Mountain queen


Convicts of the Air

Darling Superstar

Revolution’s Eve

The Least You Could Do Is Send Me Some Flowers

Mr. Widow

Hard Royce

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