Bio NL | kayakThe band was founded in 1972 by Ton Scherpenzeel (keyboards), Pim Koopman (drums), Max Werner (vocals), Jean Michel Marion (bass guitar) and Johan Slager (guitar). The band came from the student band of Scherpenzeel and Koopman, High Tide Formation. In the same year, Marion was replaced by Cees van Leeuwen. With their first two albums (See see the sun and Kayak II) the band achieved some small national successes. Van Leeuwen left the band in 1975 and was replaced by Bert Veldkamp. This was followed by the inclusion of Royal bed bouncer. In the same year, the band contributed to the Book Week Gift, the album Zing Je Moerstaal. Kayak played Harry Mulisch’s poem “Boezem” to music by Ton. See for more.

Out Of This World (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

Ruthless Queen


See see the sun

The Last Battle



Starlight dancer

Miracle Man

Daphne (The Laurel Tree)




Reason For It All

Phantom of the Night

Before The Angels Fell

Sad to Say Farewell

Wintertime (live 1975)


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