David Lindley

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor david lindleyDavid Perry Lindley (born March 21, 1944, San Marino, California) is an American musician who is notable for his work with Jackson Browne, Warren Zevon, and other rock musicians. He has worked extensively in other genres as well, performing with artists as varied as Curtis Mayfield and Dolly Parton. He has mastered such a wide variety  of instruments that Acoustic Guitar magazine referred to Lindley, not as a multi-instrumentalist, but instead as a “maxi-instrumentalist” in a cover story about his career to date in 2005.  See for more.

Mercury Blues

Quarter Of A Man

Don’t Look Back

GE Smith & David Lindley live play it all night long”

Soul Of A Man

Talk to the Lawyer

Ain’t No Way

David Lindley Ukes! at the 2012 Reno Ukulele Festival

Lazy Farmer Boy

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