Agitation Free

Agitation Free | TheAudioDB.comAgitation Free is a German experimental krautrock band, formed in 1967 by Michael “Fame” Günther (bass guitar), Lutz “Lüül” Ulbrich (guitar), Lutz Ludwig Kramer (guitar) and Christopher Franke (drums). They were initially called Agitation, a name they chose at random from a dictionary. The band had to change the name because another band with the same name already existed. Agitation Free was chosen based on a poster for a free show played in the early 1970s saying “Agitation Free” (meaning “free concert”). See for more.

Mediterranean Flight

Fame’s Mood

Rare Live Footage – ORTF (1973/06/19)

You Play For Us Today

In the Silence of the Morning Sunrise

Susie Sells Seashells at the Seashore

Sahara City

Dialogue & Random

Laila, Pt. 2

Dialogue & Random (Live)

Malesch (1972) Full Album.

Last (1976) – Full Album

Shibuya Nights Live In Tokyo (Full Album)

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