Gnidrolog | Discography | DiscogsGnidrolog was a British progressive rock band, with a sound that was compared with better known bands such as Van der Graaf Generator, Jethro Tull and Gentle Giant. The band was founded in 1969 by twin brothers Colin and Stewart Goldring, who were joined by drummer Nigel Pegrum from Spice (the band that would later evolve into Uriah Heep) and Peter “Mars” Cowling on bass. John Earle joined the band on sax and flute for their second album. They came up with the strange band name by reversing and slightly rearranging the brothers’ surname, adding in an extra ‘o’. In May 1972, the British music magazine NME reported that Gnidrolog was to appear at the Great Western Express Lincoln Festival on 26 May that year. Other acts to perform in the Giants of Tomorrow marquee included Budgie, Skin Alley, Tea & Symphony, John Martyn, and Warhorse. See for more.

Reach For Tomorrow

Same Dreams

A Dog With No Collar

I Could Never Be A Soldier

Time And Space

Lady Lake – 1972

Social Embarrassment

Gnidrolog – Live 1972 (Full Album)

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