Sheila E

Sheila E. glorious lifeSheila Escovedo (born December 12, 1957), known by her stage name Sheila E., is an American singer, drummer, and percussionist whose notable collaborators include Prince, Billy Cobham, Lionel Richie, George Duke, Ringo Starr, Gloria Estefan, Jennifer Lopez, Beyoncé, Hans Zimmer and Kanye West. Born in California, Sheila E. is the daughter of African American Juanita (Gardere), a dairy factory worker, and percussionist Pete Escovedo, with whom she frequently performs. Escovedo is of Mexican heritage. Sheila E’s uncle is Alejandro Escovedo, and Tito Puente was Escovedo’s godfather. She also is niece to Javier Escovedo, founder of seminal San Diego punk act The Zeros. Another uncle, Mario Escovedo, fronted long-running indie rockers The Dragons. See for more.

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