Blindside blues band

Blindside Blues Band (Mike Onesko's Blindside Blues Band) | Media ClubThat duty was filled admirably by Kier Staeheli. The last Shrapnel lineup for the Blindside Blues Band was Mike Onesko,Mike Varney,Aysnley Dunbar,James Lomenzo.Mike produced and played on Cream of The Crop a tribute to Cream where he produced and performed with Pat Travers,Leslie West Tim Bogert,Rick Derrigner,Glenn Hughes,Neal Schon ,and many more!Mike went on to Comet Records in Italy to record many great records such as Mike Onesko,s Guitar Army,Smokehouse Sessions,Live At The Torrita Blues Festival,Italy,and Voodoo Crossing and Gypsy Blood both hendrix tributes.Recently,Mike and The Blindside. See for more.

Born With The Blues

Take You Down


Raised On Rock

Climb The Sky

Truth Never Lies


Bad Woman Blues

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