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The Who – My Generation [Live at Woodstock 1969]

The Who – Won’t Get Fooled Again (Live)

The Who – Behind Blue Eyes

The Who – Baba O’Riley (Live)

The Who – Pinball Wizard (Live)

The Who – Magic Bus – Live At Leeds

The Who — See Me, Feel Me — Live at Woodstock 1969

The Who – I’m Free

Vrijdag 20 september
John Mayer 
The Steel Woods

Woensdag 18 september
All India Radio
The Egocentrics

Woensdag 11 september
Robert Plant
Thin Machine

Dinsdag 10 september 
Ann Peebles
Funky Destination
Richie Havens 

Vrijdag 6 september

Donderdag 5 september
Message To Bears 

Woensdag 4 september
Captain Byond
Audrey Fall 

Maandag 2 september
Blackberry Smoke