Welcome to my site. This site contains music that I like. The music you find on this site is linked to YouTube. It can therefore happen that music is removed. If that happens when you view the site, report this to me please (dikkers@hotmail.nl), then the link will be re-applied. This site is made for promoting the artist and has no commercial meanings. If there is a problem with a picture and/of the music, please let me know, then i wil remove both. Have fun listening to music on this site. 

Lanterna – B minor

Alain Caron/Frank Gambale/Damien Schmitt “D-Code”

Leech – The Man With The Hammer

Yenisei – Libra

Pete Bardens – In Dreams [ Full Version ]

A Dot In The Sky – Ajar

Dinsdag 7 juli
From Mountains
Hidria Spacefolk
A Dot In The Sky

Maandag 6 juli
Fear Itself
Mom’s Apple Pie
Janis Joplin
Juicy Lucy

Zondag 5 juli
Hatfield and The North

Zaterdag 4 juli
Blackmore’s Night
Paul Garrack
Mike and the Mechanics

Vrijdag 3 juli
Premiata Forneria Marconi (PFM)

Donderdag 2 juli

Woensdag 1 juli
Arabs In Aspic

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