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Message To Bears – Find Our Way Home

Message To Bears – Wake Me

Message To Bears – I’ll Lead You There

Message To Bears – Running Through Woodland

Message To Bears – Never Be

Dinsdag 19 november
Russian Circles 
Sona Jobarteh 
The Paradox Twin 
Kepler Ten 

Zaterdag 16 november
Dreaming Cooper 
Andreas Vollenweider 
David Sandborn 

Donderdag 14 november
Beggars Opera 
Steely Dan 
Noora Noor 

Woensdag 13 november
Lafayette Afro Rock Band
Manu Dibango 
Boubacar Traoré 

Dinsdag 12 november
Lee Clayton 

Maandag 11 november

Zondag 10 november
Nice Beaver 
Glass Harp 

Woensdag 6 november
Dhalif Ali 

Zaterdag 2 november
Lucifer’s friend 
Long Distance Calling 

Woensdag 30 oktober
Yasi Hofer 
Wiggy Bits 
Domenic Troiano 
The Homemade Jamz Blues Band 

Dinsdag 29 oktober
Zero 7 
Grand funk Railroad