This website is created by loving music and making websites. Please share this site. In addition, I like to share music with others. Two great hobbies that go well together. I have asked various artists if it’s okay that I put their music on my site to share. Surprising was, most responded enthusiastically.  They are fantastic musicians. And i promote them. If you like this site, let me know: dikkers@hotmail.nl. I have no commercial interest, it’s only to promote.

Brainbox! – Down Man

Brainbox – Summertime

Brainbox – Sea of delight

Brainbox – Dark Rose

Brainbox – Scarborough Fair

Brainbox – woman’s gone

Dinsdag 6 februari
Allen Hinds

Donderdag 1 februari

Zondag 14 januari
Earth, Wind and Fire

Zaterdag 13 januari
Leif de Leeuw

Zondag 7 januari
Bad company

Vrijdag 29 december
Sheryl Crow
Celtic woman
Pete Townsend

Maandag 11 december
The Railbenders
Randy Hansen