Grey River & The Smoky Mountain

greyThe band was formed in 2014, in Athens, Greece. We are a bluegrass/folk/americana string band, often mixing American and European elements in our music. The members are Rena Papageorgiou (vocals/mandolin),
Sarantos  Goumakos (guitar/vocals) Tasos Gousetis (fiddle), Thanasis Giouleas (double-bass) and our newest member Meletis Pogas (banjo). As for our short and discrete name, we have a short and discrete story to tell… Grey River and the Smoky Mountain are literally two different parts of the world. Grey River is a river in New Zealand. See for more.

The King and the Crow

Live Session @ Merlin’s Den – May 26, 2016

Caravan Sessions Vol.1 (complete) @ΙΛΙΟΝ plus, Athens 25/03/2016

When Everybody’s Gone

Something’s wrong

Silver Line

Shallow Grave

Ballad for Beelzebub {cover}

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