Miche Fambro

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor miche framboMiché Fambro is known by many different people for very different things. Some know him as the dynamic band leader of one of Upstate NY’s most popular bands a few years back. Others know him as an extraordinary guitarist/vocalist singer-songwriter touring through their small town (“Why are you here??”),  performing with the energy and sound of a full band on his single instrument. And, still others recognize him as a jazz crooner, lending his fluid voice to beloved classics. His grandfather, a Vaudeville “hoofer,” knew him as the boy who wouldn’t listen, and chose to shape his life around music/entertainment despite the experienced advice of his elders. See for more.

A Good Guy Waiting (for a bad girl to happen)

Light My Fire

Summertime / Black Orpheus

Fly Me To The Moon

Autumn Leaves

Lesson From A Lefty – Something I Do

Autumn In New York

As Time Goes By

Que Sera Sera

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