Far East Family Band

Far East Family Band | Artist – ArtrockstoreFar East Family Band ( Japanese フ ァ ー ・ イ ー ス ト ・ フ ァ ミ リ ー ・ バ ン ドFā Īsuto Famirī Bando ) was a Japanese psychedelic – progressive rock band that was formed in the mid-1970s. Far East Family Band emerged from Fumio Miyashita’s project Far Out, which had released a self-titled album in 1973. The Far East Family Band’s debut album was released in 1975 and featured keyboard-heavy, psychedelic progressive rock with influences from Pink Floyd . The Cave Down to Earth earned the band the reputation of being the first Japanese exponent of progressive rock. See for more.


Saying To The Land

Mystery Of Northern Space

The Cave



undiscoverd nothern land



Live in Los Angeles 1978

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