Chicago Transit Authority

Chicago Transit Authority - Live At Fillmore West - 1969 - Past Daily Backstage Weekend – Past Daily: A Sound Archive of News, History, MusicThe Chicago Transit Authority is the self-titled debut album by the Chicago-based rock band The Chicago Transit Authority, who would later be known as Chicago. It was recorded and released in 1969. Upon the band’s 1967 inception, they were initially called “The Missing Links”. Then (according to Robert Lamm on an episode of In the Studio with Redbeard devoted to the making of the album) changed its name to “The Big Thing” (occasionally performed in areas outside Chicago and Milwaukee as “The Big Sounds” due to some venues complaining about the double entendre that the name “The Big Thing” also alluded to), before adopting the moniker The Chicago Transit Authority when producer James William Guercio took them on in 1968. See for more.

I’m A Man

25 Or 6 To 4 – live

Colour My World

Make me smile




Question 67 & 68



Saturday in the Park

South California Purples

Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is?

Poem For The People

Feeling Stronger Every Day


Wishing You Were Here

Transit Authority 1969 Full Album

Chicago II 1970 Full album

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