Beardfish | MPomy.comBeardfish was a Swedish progressive rock band formed in 2001. Their style resembles progressive rock bands from the 1970s, such as Yes and Genesis. The band’s most prolific line-up consisted of founding members vocalist/keyboardist Rikard Sjöblom and guitarist David Zackrisson, along with longtime drummer Magnus Östgren and bassist Robert Hansen; who joined the band in 2001 and 2002 respectively; this line-up existed from 2003 (following the departure of keyboardist Stefan Aronsson) until the band’s dissolution in 2016. See for more.

The Hunter

Comfort Zone

Without You

South Of The Border


And The Stone Said: If I Could Speak


Ode To The Rock’n’Roller

Destined Solitaire (LIVE)

Ludvig & Sverker

A Love Story

Sleeping In Traffic

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