Albert Castiglia

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor albert castiglia(March 25, 2014) RUF Records announced the signing of top Blues guitarist, singer and songwriter, Albert Castiglia (pronounced ka-steel-ya), to the Internationally renowned label, with a U.S. release of SOLID GROUND scheduled for April 8th, 2014. He joins RUF for the release of his seventh album in two decades filled with constant touring, songwriting and musical evolution. A U.S. tour will follow the release of the album in the States. “SOLID GROUND is my best album to date,” says the 44-year-old bandleader simply. “I put more time, love, blood, sweat and tears into this recording than any of the others. I love every song on it and the result is a musical variety that I hope touches something in everyone.” RUF Records Founder, Thomas Ruf proclaimed, “We are thrilled to have Albert Castiglia join the RUF Records family of artists. Albert is an energetic powerhouse on stage and the funniest guy in the world off stage. We had a ball on the Blues Caravan tour together. Thank you, Samantha Fish and Mike Zito, for turning me on to his amazing talent and personality.” – See for more.

Loan Me A Dime

Little Havana Blues

Searching The Desert For The Blues

Closing Time

Have You No Shame

The Day The Old Man Died

Big Toe

Hurricane Blues

Freddies Boogie

Going Down Slow

Bad Avenue



Blues Caravan – Albert Castiglia, Laurence Jones, Christina Skjolberg – Sweet Home Chicago

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