Permanent Clear Light

Permanent Clear Light. Permanent Clear Light (PCL) is a fairly new psychedelic and prog rock band from Finlandia, home of Santa Claus. The band was formed in 2009 but its members have long backgrounds in the Finnish rock, pop, folk-rock, jazz, experimental, avant-garde and psychedelic scenes. Permanent Clear Light’s recording debut was in 2010 on the British Fruits de Mer Records and the band have since received very favourable reviews in the (mainly) British music press as well as a lot of airplay around the world. The band members are: Markku Helin: guitars E-Bow+, Theremin, oscillators, bass, effects, legal advice. Arto Kakko: percussion, vocals, electric violin, bass, Mellotron, keys, slide guitar, cornet, banjo, sundry implements. Matti Laitinen: lead vocals, guitar, synths, physical training. See for more.

Higher Than The Sun

Love Gun

And the Skies Will Fall

Weary Moon

Constant Gardener


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